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Jen Calleja & Kat Storace : Scintillas , New Maltese Writing

Jen Calleja & Kat Storace : Scintillas , New Maltese Writing

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This first anthology of Maltese writing from Praspar Press showcases new prose, poetry and literary nonfiction by a selection of emerging and established Maltese writers from across the world.

The pieces featured in this anthology give voice to the anxieties, desires and nostalgic meditations of their authors. But throughout these narratives preoccupied with changes and loss, a glimmer of something meaningful rises to the surface: a mote in a sunbeam, the arrival of morning after a night of insomnia, new life after a bushfire...scintillas of hope where previously there had been none.

Featuring: Clare Azzopardi, Tanja Cilia, Lou Drofenik, Noah Fabri, John Falzon, Karina Fiorini, Albert Gatt, Joe Gatt, Holly Knowles, Teodor Reljic, Rita Saliba, Stephanie Sant, Peter Scalpello, Kat Storace, Sebastian Tanti Burlo, Maria Theuma, Alex Vella Gera, Daniel Vella and Loranne Vella.